About The Institution of Civil Engineers (India)

Civil engineering profession, although is the profession did not have a society of its own in India unlike other engineering disciplines. To fill this vacuum and to improve and establish the standards of civil and architectural engineering profession the ICE (I) was formed. The ICE (I) is registered under societies registration act 1960. The ICE (I) is committed to support and promote professional learning (both studies and for existing practitioners), managing professional ethics and safeguarding the status of engineers, architects and representing the interest of the respective profession in dealing with Government and various sectors of the society.

The institution of civil engineers (India) is the only institution of its kind in India which provides avenues for quality education in civil/ architectural engineering disciplines in particular. ICE (I) conducts the degree and diploma level examinations in Civil and architectural engineering twice a year for those, who for various reasons, could not fulfil their ambition to become degree or diploma engineers but had to take up employment at lower level and want to upgrade their educational qualification and improve their employment status.