Extra Curricular


Sports and Athletics

To cater the needs of students' physical development, various activities at regular intervals were arranged. Students enjoyed the sports and athletics during the Annual Sports Meet. They participated in many indoor and outdoor events like cricket, volleyball, table-tennis, badminton, chess, running, high jump, long jump etc. This was a great experience for the students and helped many of them to carve out their personality. The Institute aims at developing sportsmanship spirit amongst the students through such activities

Cultural Activities

Keeping in view that recreation is a must for physical and mental development, Institute arranges various cultural and allied activities at regular intervals. Garba Nite and Annual Day Function provided students a platform not only to perform but also in creating some mind blowing artists.

Garba Night

Students participated in the Garba Night Dance to the accompaniment of singing, beating of the drums and other folk instruments. The night was colourful and the students enjoyed in every possible manner. It was the event that helped students to expose themselves and familiarize with each other. It also proved to be a mode of culture and self expression of students.

Annual Day Celebration

Annual Day Function helped students participate voluntarily. It provided them a good platform in gaining self confidence, providing an opportunity to perform and develop individually as well as in groups. The function saw a vigorous team spirit and healthy competition among the students. To maintain their spirit and enthusiasm the outstanding performers in academics, sports and cultural activities were distributed prizes by the Chief Guest