Training & Visits

Personality Development

This is another core aspect that AIAEIT gives a great deal of weightage. In this direction, the Institute offers wide opportunities and exposure for the development of physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual and moral growth of the students.

Guest Lectures

Special guest lectures and workshops will be arranged in the area of meditation, Indian culture, human values, leadership, lateral thinking skills and emotional intelligence. The students are also encouraged to present seminars to fine tune their comprehension and expression skills.


A seminar on “Challenging Career Opportunities in The Indian Air Force (IAF)” was held in one of the prestigious auditoriums of Ahmedabad. Students were educated about career options in IAF. They could also get an opportunity to have “One – to – One” interaction directly with Station Commander of Air Force Station, Wadsar, Gandhinagar (Dist.).

Technical Visits

To keep the students well informed and provide opportunities to familiarise them with practical aspects of their classroom studies, the Institute arranges technical visits to various and well established private as well as government workshops, industries and educational institutes.

Aeronautical Engineering students visited Engineering Industries, where they were exposed to the activities related to Workshop Technology. Students could actually observe various different operations being undertaken on Lathe and Drilling machines. They were also shown the dismantled components of these machines.

The Institute arranged three days technical visit / field training at a hilly area – Ambaji (Gujarat) for Civil Engineering students. This provided them the opportunities to perform contour surveying, levelling, traversing and other aspects of surveying subject. Students took readings and prepared the drawing sheets for level profile and contour. This visit / training proved extremely useful where they took full advantage of acquiring practical knowledge. Students could learn the practical and field aspects of theory subjects being taught in the classroom.

Students of various disciplines were taken for a technical visit to a defence establishment at Wadsar Air Force Station. This visit provided the students the opportunities to see the dismantling, repair assembling and testing of electronics and information technology equipments related to Air Defence. These technical visits prove extremely useful and students take full advantage by way of acquiring practical knowledge.